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How is RTYSTK Collective different to a normal studio?

Have you ever been in a work place and thought.. “surely there has to be a better way of doing this..” Trends, people and life as we know it is always changing. A business (including you as a sole trader) has to adapt to survive and succeed within a hugely saturated industry.. Probably now more than ever.

That’s the inspiration of how RTYSTK Collective began and is still run to today. Amy, the owner, likes to think outside the box and not just be creative as a tattoo artist but also be creative with her business. The success of this business was built from genuine foundations of pure hard work, starting with a small seed and building slowly piece by piece. It’s growing success is purely due to providing a service clients love and easily understand and allowing their word of mouth to do the advertising.

From the very beginning the first step of this success story was to listen to people before even lifting a finger..

Amy wanted to hear what artists have to say and what clients think of their experience. More often than not she found that clients experienced some pretty uncomfortable moments at tattoo shops and some even were too afraid to even enter a studio. There is a giant hole in the tattoo clientele that are just not being reached.

She also found that tattoo artists don't feel supported in the studio they work or they don't feel comfortable themselves.

Although tattoo artists are a sole trader/contractor, Amy believes in being supportive to the artist. She isn’t just another “shop owner”. She’s an artist herself and is passionate about the industry, her studio and especially her artists.

If you love providing high standards of work, excellent client service and want a clean and tidy studio to work from.. you've found the right place!

What’s our studio look like and what’s the facilities like?

The studio is located in a convenient spot close to major road arteries and public transport. We are located in the gum tree filled suburb of South Morang within the northern suburbs of Melbourne – 45mins from the city centre and 20mins from the bush and a 5min walk to the local Westfield shops. It has a shop front with a tonne of drive by and foot traffic, but is also a private enough space that clients will feel comfortable in.

The studio and dedicated staff room was recently fitted out and is a brand-new shop front. The facilities and technology are modern, clean and super organised with a tonne of natural light and a beautiful view of gum trees and stunning sunsets. Clients will have 2 tv screens to watch from with Optus Fetch, Netflix, Stan to name a few.

The studio is spacious and is not overcrowded with bed stations and has a separated reception/waiting area. All artists work within the one large studio space which helps artists feel like they have co-worker support but also clients find they enjoy the light hearted conversations between everyone.

Each artist has a supplied tattoo work space, which includes a bed, trolley and storage. We supply a stenciling station away from clients and a secure staff room. Everything done in our studio is done properly with supplied sinks, autoclave and clinical waste.

We have a fully functional autoclave, sonicleaner and sink area within the main studio area. This means you have the option of using steel tubes if you’re not a fan of disposable tubes which can flex and cause needle running problems.

We have a dedicated staff room which has a kitchen, lunch table, couch, drawing desks and stencil/computer area. This staff room is a secure area where clients cannot enter which means you can do your stencilling within a stress-free environment and also your belongings are safe from the public.

Our shop has its own off-street parking facilities within a secure/fenced car park. The building we are part of has security lighting, door passes and cameras which is helpful for those dark late nights walking to your car.

Does your shop operate by commission or a rent to the studio?

We love getting rid of complicated stuff and making things easier for the artist.

As an artist you will only pay the exact same amount per week no matter how little or a lot you work. The rent you pay is a set price per week.

If you prefer commision based rent we can accomodate that too, let us know :)

What does your studio cover and supply?

We supply the furniture such as the bed, stools, trolley, ring light, arm rest and storage within a 3x3m work space for the artist.

We have a dedicated computer and modern stencil printer allocated in the staff room.

All cleaning products, grip cleaning area, sonic cleaner, autoclave are available to be used for those wanting to use steel grips.

Fully functioning staff room with fridge, microwaves, sink, lunch table and lounge securely tucked away from clients.

As the artist is a sole trader and on a rental basis, they will be required to supply their own tools, needles, inks, paper towel, barrier wrap, tapes, stecil paper etc.

How do your bookings operate?

Our shop gets very busy very quickly. We get a lot of clients through our doors because of our reputation. If there is a client that is suitable to your style we'll forward the emai directly to the artist for them to follow up and book in.

We use google calendars which are accessible from the shop and from your own devices. This helps us in case of a client emergency where the shop staff can help with any issues.

What is your team like?

We started RTYSTK Collective as a team of 4 and we happened to be all girls at the time. We are still to this day an all-female team of 6 but have always been open to welcoming anyone that fits in well. We care a lot about the team dynamic and that’s because we hear from our clients that they see our positivity, supportiveness and passion for our job and each other. We help each other out, laugh together, sometimes cry together and genuinely enjoy coming to work. We thrive off sharing knowledge, bettering ourselves and enjoy a teachable environment. We also have at least one apprentice at any given time that works to high standards around the shop helping out all of our artists.

What is your clientele like?

About 70% of our clientele are female and 30% male mostly ranging from late 20’s to 40’s. We also have a decent following of young adults and even golden oldies that find our shop comfortable to visit.

We have a large range of design requests from script, fine line and small delicate tattoos all the way up to full arm/leg sleeves and back pieces. Our most requested designs would be floral, ornate, watercolour, portrait, animals, geometrical and neo trad. However, we welcome all styles at our shop.

We get a lot of work through our doors. So much so we usually don’t have time for walk ins and some of our artists are booked out anywhere from 2 months to 4 months solid. If you want the security of knowing that you’ll have work and income each week we can almost guarantee it.


Thanks for taking a look at our place..

I'd love to hear from you and if you have any questions

I would absolutely be more than happy to help you out :)

Amy Elizabeth

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Pay only $300 per week rent

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Modern facilities & technology

Large clientele 

Supportive team

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